Why Is Online Marketing So Important!

How would you like a store that allows customers to shop 24 hours of the day in any country of the world?

If your customers are happy with their purchase,  they can press a button, to show their satisfaction to other would be customers, share your business with their friends and family, and comment about their customer experience and sing your praises!

Customers can order when it’s suitable to them, even when your sleeping. There’s no need for employees, and you don’t need to pay for utility bills, rent, land taxes, building maintenance, or fire regulations maintenance, etc.

Welcome to the world of internet marketing.

By marketing your business online you are making yourself accessible to anyone who needs your products or services worldwide. You don’t need physical products to be on display, as you’ve no shop. Plus you can order yout products from your suppliers as and when the orders come in. Amazon.com is testament to cross selling and, selling backend products. Their marketing software lets you know what other customers have purchased as their secondary personal choice. This encourages buyers at the point of sell to buy more products, just before their final purchases, increasing sales and profit for the business.

The Internet allows business to keep good relationships with their customers inexpensively. No need for phone calls, or post. Emails, subscription newsletters, and blog posts, as well as social media, Google plus, Facebook, and YouTube to help business go viral on the web!

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Thank you.

Ismael Fraser and Muhammad Hamza