Should Your Business Be On Social Media?

Should Your Business Be On Social Media?

The first question you need to ask yourself is:images (2)

  • Who are your customers?
  • where can they be found?
  • What are their needs?
  • How can you best serve them?
  • How can you keep them?
  • How can you profit from them?

How can you get them to share their buying experience with your business. their families and friends?

The second thing you need you do is is make sure you have social media working for you.
Hoot suite as a software platform that synchronises your Facebook,  Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and YouTube alerts all in one inbox!

Its a very good idea to make sure you have good valuable content up before you start doing social media campaigns.

Customers will check out your page first before they subscribe,  or like, just to make sure they’re not, gathering poor information. If you want to get your name and your business out there on the world stage inexpensively, this how you do it.

Make friends and sincerely engage with them, share tips, videos, articles, that you think will be of use to them, and genuinely help them. Not looking back for anything in return, and you may find that eventually they will begin to ask what it is that you do, whats your business, and want to pay for your products or services.

Comment on other peoples blog, but not any old comment. Compliment the writer, add additional information you think will support the author’s point, and say you look forward to reading his/hers future blog posts.

A video can viral can bring 1000’s of views overnight I always get more likes when l put up a video then when I put up an article, or a post. Blogging pushes up your the ranking of your site faster then anything elses apart from, videos, and Google +! The key is to blog regularly.

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Ismael Fraser and Muhammad Hamza