Moonfruit verses WordPress

Moonfruit verses WordPress

My First website was designed by Moonfruit (a drag and drop web editor) and and l was very proud to be the owner of my own business online.moonfruit vs wordpress

Its easy to design, the graphics are profession looking and have stunning glossy finishes to them. They are easy to create and maintain, in no time at all your site can be hosted for free using Moonfruit’s own software. Moonfruit has technology that allows you to drop and drag features around. It has a slick main tool bar and also has an edit bar.

It also has some simple SEO features that come with it. My consequent websites has been WordPress sites, they are easy to install, easy to host, and when you need to expand, their software system makes it very easy for you to do. There is a lot more you can do in respect to design if you know coding too. You do have a choice of whether you want your posts to be written in text or html code, which is great if you don’t know coding. You have a lot more choices as to where you want to host your site. you can change your hosting as and when you like.

When it comes to the amount of features you can add to your wordpress site, this is where comparisons end. With wordpress you can add plugins for almost everything, which are either free or very inexpensive. Like plugins for SEO, Google analytics, spam filters,Paypal and lots more. Blogging is the most effective means of getting free traffic using SEO, WordPress is king when it comes to blog posting, and article writing, it has all the facilities a professional writer will want.

In conclusion:

If your looking for a quick set up professional looking simple website go for Moonfruit. If your looking for a professional blog platform which you can build content for years to come, and expand in the future go for WordPress.

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Thank you,

Umar Hamza