Mobile Websites Verses Apps

Mobile phone users are relying on their phones for research, finding, information, finding products and services, more than ever before.

Usually they will start with their mobiles, and then finish any finer searches and make purchases, or contracts on their laptop or desktop. The mobile phone is continually on the move, and with the user from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep at night.

74% of online purchases start of with mobile phone research.
Whether it be for the best deal, sale, free info, courses, etc. It is almost the same time usage as app users purchasing games,  and other apps on iTunes or Google Play.

A majority of researchers up to 60% of them expect to find any geographical sites within a 1 mile radius of their location. when they do a large majority of those buy. You are able to reach any platform you want if you have an mobile website, and all users despite what they are using can access your website too.

It is very easy to make any changes to you mobile website, it can be done at anytime any place at speed. It can also be upgraded, expanded very simply. They are very inexpensive to make, and you can also make it into an app. Apps are very important when you have already built yourself a customer base.

You want to send crucial information to them on the go, by way of push notifications, sms text. Or notification of any sales deal, or events, then building an app is good for you. If your customers need to log in personal details, information on the go, or store personal information, or have a device that solves personal problems, this is best served by having an app.

Social media is very important in this day and age, an app allows you to share and communicate, and update information on the go that’s personal to you. Making an app is very expensive, there’s  no guarantee it will be accepted by Apples or Google’s app review panel. It is restricted to a particular platform which can not be shared, iPhone users cannot share androids platform and visa versa.


Start of building a mobile app and when you have a large enough customer base seek to build an app, so you can further connect with your customers, and they can maintain their connection with you.

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Thank you

Umar Hamza