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Why Is Online Marketing So Important!

How would you like a store that allows customers to shop 24 hours of the day in any country of the world?

If your customers are happy with their purchase,  they can press a button, to show their satisfaction to other would be customers, share your business with their friends and family, and comment about their customer experience and sing your praises!

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Basic Web design Tips

Having the knowledge and experience of knowing what makes a website outstanding, is one of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional website designer.

If you attempt it yourself it is like trying to build your own shop and shop front, using instructions advice from the Internet. It’s interesting that a qualified construction engineer takes years to learn his trade, and gain necessary experience, in order to build a house.

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Moonfruit verses WordPress

My First website was designed by Moonfruit (a drag and drop web editor) and and l was very proud to be the owner of my own business online.moonfruit vs wordpress

Its easy to design, the graphics are profession looking and have stunning glossy finishes to them. They are easy to create and maintain, in no time at all your site can be hosted for free using Moonfruit’s own software. Moonfruit has technology that allows you to drop and drag features around. It has a slick main tool bar and also has an edit bar.

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Mobile Websites Verses Apps

Mobile phone users are relying on their phones for research, finding, information, finding products and services, more than ever before.

Usually they will start with their mobiles, and then finish any finer searches and make purchases, or contracts on their laptop or desktop. The mobile phone is continually on the move, and with the user from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep at night.

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Benefits Of Having An App

Apps are very beneficial to anyone owning a smart phone, in the year 2014 and years to web design Londoncome.

The increasing new markets in developing Asia, and Africa is absolutely staggering! Chinese manufacturers can now produce a smart phone that retails for £25 that is $42 US! The world’s population is 7.2 billion people, and there are 6.8 billion mobile phones in the world as we speak!

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