Benefits Of Having An App

Apps are very beneficial to anyone owning a smart phone, in the year 2014 and years to web design Londoncome.

The increasing new markets in developing Asia, and Africa is absolutely staggering! Chinese manufacturers can now produce a smart phone that retails for £25 that is $42 US! The world’s population is 7.2 billion people, and there are 6.8 billion mobile phones in the world as we speak!

So you can see that getting your business on an app is an excellent way of marketing yourself. Apps are unique way to target your customers, who are looking for something specific from your business. They don’t get confused with the various different links that take them away from your site like mobile websites do.

68% per cent of customers purchase in store are online from apps. That’s more of your services and products being sold.

With push notifications you are able to update your customers on the fly! As and when you have new products, services, deals, discounts, sales, tips information etc. People are on their apps almost as often as people browsing on the internet! So you don’t have to teach your customers the habit of how to use the an app.

If you put a QR code on your packaging, your envelops,leaflets, posters fliers, this will help market your app, as it will take the users straight to Google play store or ITune store. You also have the advantages of having social media at your service. Your customers can easily share, like, comment and this will further increase your exposure to your customers friends and families.

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Umar Hamza