Basic Web design Tips

Basic Web design Tips

Having the knowledge and experience of knowing what makes a website outstanding, is one of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional website designer.

If you attempt it yourself it is like trying to build your own shop and shop front, using instructions advice from the Internet. It’s interesting that a qualified construction engineer takes years to learn his trade, and gain necessary experience, in order to build a house.

So you’re not going to able to do build a well constructed website over night!

It’s going to take a lot of time to learn to build, develop, upgrade, and maintain a professional website too. Poor colour schemes, unsuitable themes, disproportionate pictures, not using appropriate fonts for the sites you create. Using the wrong size or type borders, are just some of the mistakes you are bound to make as a result of not learning your trade properly.

Having a visitor counter on your website is a sure sign to your customers that they are on an amateur website. How many visitors will you have in your first 90 days?

Wrong and uncomplimentary colour schemes and themes are a major tell tale sign that your site is new, out of vogue, and lacks modern graphic trend and style. They are certainly colours schemes that are clearly out of fashion. For example a Martial Art website done in red, orange, pink and blue! Or a flower shop website done in gray or black!

Having pop ups, illuminated bright orange and Green buttons, loads of of adwords on your site is a sure way of turning away potential customers. There is so much I can add as to why you need a professional website designer, getting one will save you a lot of time, stress, hassle, and money, plus you’ll be delighted for years to come on obtaining a professional website to boot, which meets your personal and professional requirements.

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